Reisser R2 Cutter Screws

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Features & Applications

Features & Applications

Reisser R2 Cutter ScrewsThis screw, with its cutter point, will penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole. It can be used close to the edge without causing splitting. The reinforced head will self-countersink into all timber and board materials. With its special point and lubricated, sharp, wide, and deep threads, driving resistance is reduced by up to 40% for quick and easy penetration. This is a screw worth using!


  • Ultimate performance Reisser 'Cutter' woodscrews with many benefits
  • Excellent drivability and no-split close to edge screwing
  • Needle sharp cutter point
  • Self countersinking - reinforced head with countersinking ribs
  • Ideal for all timbers, including hardwoods and board materials

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