Quick & Cost-Effective Installation of Above-Ground Pipe Supports

Traditional fabricated supports don't cut it anymore. They pose health & safety risks, slow down your projects, and are costly. With off-the-shelf QMEXX above-ground pipe supports, you won't worry about all that.


Shorter delivery times


Quick & adjustable supports


Reduce costs whilst maintaining safe installations

Modular & Evidence-Based Above-Ground Pipe Supports

Traditional fabricated above-ground pipe supports require off-site fabrication, affecting your budgets and deadlines.

Thanks to their modularity, QMEXX above-ground pipe supports require no fabrication and are easily adjustable on site. They're designed to combat challenges faced by water and utilities industries.

To make things even easier, they're backed with the necessary evidence to prove that they are fit-for-purpose - so you won't have to worry about any penalties from the Building Safety Regulator!

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Stop Wasting Time on Site

Welding and bolting traditional steel supports is a time-consuming process that can lead to project delays. Free up your on-site teams' time by using QMEXX, a weld-free & safe solution.

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Easily Adjustable

Traditional steel supports are often limited in their adaptability, making it difficult to accommodate changes in design or layout. QMEXX can be adjusted on-site to overcome those challenges.

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Reduce Embedded Carbon

Without the need for fabrication, QMEXX modular pipe supports help you to reduce your project's embedded carbon, making them more sustainable.

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Evidence Your Pipe Supports

No longer rely on non-compliant above-ground pipe supports. All QMEXX designs are backed up by thorough calculations proving they are fit for purpose.

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How Can QMEXX Help You Save Costs & Time?

Traditional fabrication methods may have a cheaper cost of material but demand on-site customization and welding, and potentially frequent maintenance and modifications. All this contributes to time and cost..

QMEXX, while having slightly higher material costs, offers bespoke off-the-shelf galvanized solutions, reducing time and costs associated with specialized labour, equipment, on-site fabrication, and rework.

The multi-holed box section design allows quick assembly of various supports within minutes using a single fastener.

Plus, QMEXX components weigh up to 80% less than traditional counterparts, streamlining handling and installation processes.

Our Design & Engineering team can take the dimensions of your pipework and deliver QMEXX within 48 hours. 

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Get Started With QMEXX

3 steps to cost-effective & evidenced above-ground pipework supports:


Engage Early and Discuss Site Plans

Communicating with us & relevant stakeholders as early as possible in a project’s life cycle saves time & money.


Get in Touch and Order

Once the order for QMEXX pipe supports is placed, they'll be out for next-day delivery.


Delivered to Site for Swift Installation

All our frames are assembled in our workshop and endure rigorous quality control procedures before they are delivered to site.

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Costly Delays to Streamlined Success in Your M&E Installations

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