Hassle-Free, Modular & Adjustable Roof Supports

MX-Roof Support Systems enhance rooftop safety with custom, adjustable designs that are budget-friendly and quick to install, ensuring no compromise on safety.

Meet deadlines

Meet project deadlines and budget constraints

Quick install

Assemble your rooftop support frames within minutes


Evidence all building service supports

Bespoke Off-the-Shelf Supports

MX-R offers a modular support system for rooftop equipment like AHUs, chillers, and condensers. Customisable to bespoke specifications using off-the-shelf components, it offers rapid fabrication and delivery at an affordable cost.

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Evidence-backed Roof Support Systems

Often, prefabricated rooftop supports lack sufficient proof of their load-bearing capabilities, offering only data on individual components without assurance that they function effectively as a system. MX-R addresses this gap with rigorous physical and theoretical testing, including detailed FEA analysis, confirming its compliance to recent building regulations.

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One-Person Installations

M&E contractors have project deadlines, so naturally, you’ll want your M&E supports to be assembled quickly without disrupting ongoing site work. MX-R arrives prefabricated in a convenient kit form, enabling quick, easy on-site assembly without extensive tools, labour, or hassle—allowing your project to stay on schedule.

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All MX-R products have height adjustable legs to adapt to varying roof pitches and accommodate different platform heights. The channel-based structure means lengths can be easily adjusted and connections made to the frames in any position.

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MX-R is a modular system – think Lego or Meccano – designed and built from regular components for easy transportation and part or full assembly on site. Modular construction using regular parts drives efficiencies and cost savings when compared to bespoke fabrications.

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Get Started with MX-R


Document dimensions for your MX-R rooftop solution

Simply provide your data sheets/drawings of your rooftop equipment showing the dimensions and weights and we will provide an immediate quote.


Select Your MX-R Rooftop System

Based on your requirements, select the MX-R product that best meets your needs, guided by its supporting evidence and documentation.


Install Following Instructions

Simply assemble the frame to the drawing following the steps described in the assembly instructions.

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How is MX-R Different?

Typically, rooftop supports and access products are a hybrid of off-the-shelf frames and stepovers, and bespoke designs and fabrications where standard products are not suited to the application.

MX-R was designed to change this concept and enable almost unlimited support frames and access units to be configured and supplied ‘off-the-shelf’.

MX-R is a modular system based on MX channel profiles and a range of off-the-shelf components. Using this suite of basic components, an almost unlimited range of plant frames, step-overs, walkways and platforms can be designed, supplied and assembled quickly and economically.

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"The MX-R frames arrived on time within 48 hours and were easy to assemble - no fuss from the site team."

Gary Saunders - Technical Manager

SGLS Building Services

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"The MX-R frames arrived on time, surprising given the short lead time. They were easy to assemble."

Lee Siddons

Bedrock Ventilation

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"I thought MX-R was a very good product, to be honest.What worked for me was that the drawing was very good, transportation was excellent, the packaging was very good, and from our side, there was very minimal work to do because it was all laid out for us. I thought the pre-assembled kit was very good and the project went very smoothly."

John Powell

Potteries Mechanical

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"The drawings were so straightforward to understand and really made sense. Hardly needed the instructions!"

M&E Contractor

Cut Your Installation Time in Half