The MIDFIX Story

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  • It all started when Mr. Michael Fowler took the plunge and started an informal franchise arrangement of a fixings business in Lincoln. Hence, 'Midland Fixings Ltd' was born. At the beginning, Mr. Fowler built a 10 x 8ft garden shed as a makeshift office and a 16ft x 10ft garage that held stock, and goods were delivered from the back of a Fiat 850T van. How times have changed!



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  • The business eventually outgrew its initial premises,  so the focus turned to finding a new location. The first move was into a disused plaster moulding factory behind the High Road in Beeston comprising of two wartime concrete buildings. This soon ran its course and 'Midland Fixings Ltd' moved into Vernon Avenue providing 2 offices, a trade counter and a warehouse totalling 2000 square feet.



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  • After 16 years, the business outgrew its premises yet again, and moved to Lilac Grove in Beeston where Unit 1, our largest office, and the majority of our staff still reside today.



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  • Fast forward another 15 years later, it came to a point where MIDFIX needed more space to hold stock, and our Unit 2 Warehouse facility was structured. Having grown steadily overtime, the global financial crash meant a new strategic change had to be made in order to survive and thrive. This is when the journey of becoming specialist suppliers to one key area of the construction industry, M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) started.




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  • With the new focus in sight, we rebranded from 'Midland Fixings' to MIDFIX, introduced a Design & Engineering team and Unit 4, our Innovation Centre and Workshop building. This allows us to design and fabricate fit-for-purpose building services supports in-house, with evidence in mind. All our frames are assembled in our workshop and endure rigorous quality control procedures before they are delivered to site. 

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  • Today, MIDFIX is thriving, having closed out 2022 and passing the £22m revenue milestone - the future looks bright. With committed people, product and service advantages we have set our sights to double the business in three years and triple in five.



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The thread that always runs through MIDFIX? Advancing the industry.

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