Anchor Selection and Installation Simplified

Over 80% of anchor failures stem from selection and installation errors. Don’t let your anchors be a part of that statistic.


Make safe, provable & compliant M&E installations easy


Avoid financial, legal, and reputational damage


Reduce costly rework

Ensure Safe Anchor Installations

Without a comprehensive fixings strategy, you could be increasing the risk of anchor failure, which could lead to safety hazards, costly rework, compliance issues, and reputational damage. Stay protected with our MIDFIX Anchor Fixings strategy.

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A Shift in Mindset

Budget constraints and tight deadlines in M&E have led to a price-centric approach in anchor selection. However, with tailored anchor strategies and training, choosing the right fixings can be straightforward, compliant, and cost-efficient in the long run.

Upgrade Your Anchor Strategy

Accessible Training Courses

Why wait till failure? Proper training in anchor specification, supply, installation, and testing minimises the risk of anchor-related mishaps. Choose proactive anchor compliance over reactive measures to avoid costs and complications in the future.

Upskill Your Site Team Today

Demonstrate Anchor Performance

Choose an ETA-approved anchor for reliable, traceable performance, meeting BS 8539 standards. Mitigate suspension failure, costly rework, non-compliance issues and reputational damage with tested and proven anchors.

Guarantee Anchor Performance

Set Yourself for Success

Come prepared with your own anchors and fixing policy, demonstrating early alignment with project costs, timelines, and regulations. Attract clients by offering to get it right the first time, every time.

Embed Anchor Best Practices

Get Started with Your Anchor Strategy


Engage Early

Attend a BS 8539 Best Practice session to implement anchor compliance early in your M&E projects.


Specify Anchors Correctly

Create an anchors and fixing policy with our support, to prevent non-specified anchors from arriving on-site.


Install Anchors Safely

Follow our anchor installer training courses to install fixings safely and correctly.

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How Can a Fixings Strategy Make a Difference

We understand it is easy to continue following trusted anchor practices in the industry. However, it is essential to stay ahead of the evolving construction landscape and the increasing focus on safety and evidence to win projects and set higher standards in the industry.

With 50 years of experience in anchors, fixings, and navigating industry changes—including the 2022 Building Safety Act—we understand the difficulties this poses for contractors and the supply chain.

Implementing an Anchor Fixings policy not only helps upskill operatives and supervisors but also ensures the consistent use of  ETA-approved anchors. This approach minimises the risk of expensive reworks and protects your reputation from the consequences of suspension failures.

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Contractors That Have Partnered with MIDFIX to Upgrade Their Anchor Strategy

Lee Raftery - Pipe Right Mechanical Services

Managing Director

Prioritising Safety and Efficiency in Anchor Installations