Protecta® FR Pipe Wraps

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PROTECTA® FR Pipe Wraps The Protecta FR pipe wraps may be used for plastic pipes, bundles of plastic pipes with or without cables as well as cable bundles.  The pipe wrap is cast into the wall or the floor by fixing it round the through-penetration with the attached sticker.


  • FR Pipe Wraps have been tested with cable, combustible pipes, metal pipes with and without insulation in wall and floor constructions.
  • Broad scope of testing supported with European Technical Assessment (ETA 18/0855).
  • CE marked.
  • Fire classification up to EI 240 (4 hour) depending on situation.



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  • Intumescent Pipe Wraps for firestopping plastic pipes (PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PE, PE-HD, ABS, SAN+PVC) and metal pipes with combustible insulation.
  • Consists of a flexible sleeve with reactive intumescent graphite inner for wrapping around pipes.
  • Reacts in the event of fire to crush down the melting pipe and close the aperture to prevent spread of fire.
  • For use in gypsum, masonry and concrete walls and floors.
  • Fitted by wrapping around the pipe with the annular space around the pipe wrap sealed with Protecta FR Board or Protecta EX Mortar.
  • Available in individual pipe sizes or in 25m x 50mm rolls. When used from the roll, the installation instructions show how many layers are required for each application.

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