Nord-Lock Washers

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Features & Applications

Nord-Lock Principle

The NORD-LOCK Principles

Nord-Lock washers secure bolted joints with a tension instead of friction. The system is comprised of a pair of washers, supplied glued together, that have cams on one side and radial teeth on the other. The cam angle is greater than that of the bolt thread pitch, creating a wedge effect that prevents the bolt from rotating loose. Bolted Joints require two pairs of washers, one under the head and the one under the nut.

Features & Applications

  • The most effective way of safely securing bolted joints even where subject to severe vibration and dynamic loads
  • Far more effective than locking nuts - bolted joint is secured by tension instead of friction
  • Maintains bolt tensions throughout an assembly's lifetime
  • Allows for easy disassembling and reassembling unlike thread locking adhesives
  • Delta Protekt - high corrosion resistant zinc flake finish - also available in 316 stainless steel.

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