EPSF300 - Buffalo Epoxy Acrylate Resin

Cartridge Size:
MF Code:
Technical Data:
0274430 MIDFIX EPSF300 Buffalo Resin PDS

Features & Applications


  • Epoxy Acrylate based resin with high bond strength
  • Versatile product for multiple fixing applications
  • High loads in concrete and masonry
  • Fast gelling and curing times
  • Low odour formulation
  • Mix in the nozzle two component cartridge for standard cartridge guns

Testing & approvals

  • European Technical Assessments ETA-18/0800, ETA-18/0799
  • Approved for use with studs and rebar in uncracked concrete
  • Approved for use in masonry
  • WRAS approved for use with potable drinking water

EPSF300 Buffalo Epoxy Acrylate Resin. This is an extremely versatile product that will satisfy the vast majority of fixing applications encountered. With good chemical resistance and high durability, it will give guaranteed long-term load performance in concrete and most other substrates. It can be used in damp or wet holes and in hollow materials in conjunction with mesh sleeves. EPSF300 has a European Technical Approval based on ETAG029 for safety-critical fixing applications in masonry and WRAS approval for use with potable water.

ETA approval

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