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Stay ahead of the curve in M&E contracting. Prioritise quality and compliance without compromising cost and time.


Automate Bracket Designs with dynaMX®

An online bracket configurator that can streamline your bracket designs with unmatched speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency.


Design, Engineering, Fabrication - All in One Place.

Let us manage bespoke measurements, stock availability, off-site fabrication, and timely delivery, so you can offer evidenced supports with greater value and reduced lead times.


Upskill your workforce


Attract Tier 1 contractors


Evidence your installations

Services to Enhance Your M&E Installations


Anchor Strategy

Select and install the right anchors for your project and deliver greater compliance and efficiency.


Evidence-Based M&E Supports

Install evidenced M&E supports to demonstrate optimal safety and performance.


Installer Training

Upskill your workforce with specialised industry training.

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Stay Ahead of the Construction Curve

Facing increasing deadline and compliance pressures? You’re not alone.

We understand the challenges of staying ahead in the industry – the struggle to adapt to new regulations, manage costs, and meet tight deadlines, all while ensuring quality and safety.

At MIDFIX, we go beyond standard practices to offer bespoke solutions that save you time and reduce expenses, ensuring your projects are not just compliant, but also cost-effective and efficient.

Experience the difference with our comprehensive support, from specialised design and engineering services to industry training and reliable supply.

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Recent Updates from MIDFIX

Think compliance comes at a cost?

Think again! Our M&E supports come fully tested, documented, and therefore, compliant with building regulations, ensuring reliable performance without breaking the bank. 

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Initiate involvement in your project's lifecycle at the earliest opportunity to ensure smooth alignment and optimal outcomes.


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Explore a variety of resources available through MIDFIX Academy training courses and our system performance data, to upskill your installers and project outcomes.


Work with Us

Work with MIDFIX's team of technical advisors to optimise system performance, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance throughout your project's lifecycle.

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Success Within Arm’s Reach

M&E & Principal contractors just like you have partnered with MIDFIX to streamline their projects.

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