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Modular steelwork with robust structural performance

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Framo – the on-site steel fabrication shop

Framo is a non-welded steelwork support system for constructing frames and load-bearing structures. Framo is used for supporting loads which are beyond the capabilities of strut type channels and would traditionally require off-site fabricated steelwork and heavy steel sections.

Framo usage is growing rapidly in the building services sector as its benefits become increasingly recognised. With Framo, high performance structural supports can be manufactured by any unskilled operative quickly and easily on site and adjusted or modified, just as easily, when the need arises.

Using Framo guarantees considerable installation time savings, reduces labour costs and makes a major contribution to the smooth running of a project.

Framo – the concept

Framo is a clever multi-holed galvanised steel box section in four sectional sizes that combines light weight with high torsional strength.

A highly flexible system, secure and adjustable connections can be made to the section at any point and in any direction with thread-forming bolts using an ordinary impact wrench. These re-usable screws form threads in the holes of the section achieving a high clamping force for secure, vibration-proof connections with maintained reliability.

Elongated holes in the connecting brackets allow for up to 10mm of adjustment at each connection point without needing to move the bracket to the next hole, making Framo highly adjustable.

Framo is inter-connectable with primary steelwork for securing supports to the building structure and also easily connects with strut channels for an integrated support solution.

The Framo product range is hot dip galvanised and gives high corrosion resistance for external use in demanding environments.

Framo – applications

  • Secondary steel supports for heavy pipework, cable ladders and multiple services
  • Plantroom supports
  • Heavy duty frames to support plant, tanks and other equipment in rooftop situations
  • Ideal for making walkways, steps and stepovers
  • Structural frames

Framo features and benefits

  • Easy Handling – up to 80% less weight than traditional fabrications
  • Non-welded – no requirement for skilled fabricators or Hot-works permits
  • Flexibility – integrates with steelwork and strut channels
  • Adaptable – can be instantly modified to accommodate changes
  • Corrosion Protected – fully hot-dip galvanised system
  • Design Support – an engineered system with full design, drawing and technical support
  • Off-the-Shelf – no waiting for manufacturing
  • Time Saving – minimal installation time and no downtime for modifications
  • Cost Effective – reduces overall project costs

Framo specialist

Midland Fixings is the largest UK stockist and distributor of the Sikla Framo support system. We have extensive experience in designing Framo support solutions and have an ‘in-house’ design and drawing facility for 2D, 3D and schematic drawings.

We manufacture pre-fabricated Framo supports in our workshops for delivery to site ready for immediate installation.

Midland Fixings Sikla Framo Midland Fixings Sikla Framo Midland Fixings Sikla Framo Midland Fixings Sikla Framo

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